The agency GERMA s.r.o. produces certified translations for its clients

Need a certified translation? Let's see how it works.

You need this type of translation if you have to report facts to authorities. For example, if you get married but your birth certificate was issued abroad, the registry office will request a translation with a round stamp. Occasionally, employers or insurance companies require certified translations. These are documents such as diplomas, birth and marriage certificates, extracts from the criminal record, etc.

  An official translation can only be produced by a translator appointed by the court to produce court translations. When looking for a translator like this, you basically have two options. Either you look for a translator yourself or you use the services of a translation agency, just like GERMA.

  You can view the price list of our services here or send us your request directly.

  A certified translation looks like this: the original document is permanently bound to the translation and the interpreting clause. This is provided with the translator's signature and seal. In our case, we tie the official translations together with a three-coloured string. However, a judicial translation can also be stitched together, so we strongly recommend that you provide a notarized copy of the document instead of the original. This way you can keep your original document.

We can even provide certified translations from English to Czech in digital form. Such translations do not require postal delivery or a hard copy. 

The interpreting clause, as part of a certified translation, includes that which the interpreter has been legally authorized to produce certified translations. It indicates when and which court has authorized them and under which number the translation was entered in the interpreter's diary.

Thanks to its location in Ústí nad Labem, GERMA can produce a certified translation in the German language very quickly, but languages such as Romanian, Dutch, Danish, English, or French are also no problem for us.

Time can be an issue, especially with urgent translations, as the translation process cannot be handled virtually. A customer must make the document available to GERMA - hand it in directly in the office or send it by post. The translator must also receive the document personally and return it in the same way with all the requirements described above.

In this case, the services provided by the agency GERMA s.r.o. save you the way to the post office or a personal visit to a translator, who might have a seat in another city or even another country.


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