We have been offering professional translations since 1992. From then on we have been able to create an extensive database of professional native speaker translators who are active in many different subject specific fields. Our speciality is in translations from and into German. We are able to deliver these translations with very fast turnarounds, for we have German native speakers and experienced translators on hand and readily available working on our team.

We offer these our customer the following translation products:

  • standard translations at competitive prices
  • express translations
  • statutory translations
  • subject specific translations
    • technical translations (e.g. handbooks, instruction manuals, device documentation, software etc...)
    • legal translations (e.g. contracts, regulations, orders, administrative documents, forms, announcements etc...)
    • financial translations (e.g. annual balance sheets, statements of taxable income, audit reports etc...)
    • tourism-related translations
  • multilingual translations - text translation into many languages

Translation formats

We produce translations in the following formats: (MS Office - Word, Excel, Visio, Powerpoint, PDF, QuarkXPress, PageMaker, Frame Maker, HTML, InDesign, XML)

Quality guarantee

  • Translations are undertaken by professional native speaker translators, with whom we have been cooperating for extended periods and often for many years.. All translators work is regularly monitored.
  • We utilize TRADOS and TRANSIT Software-Tools to ensure the highest quality translations. These tools are most useful for technical and repetitive translations, where they cut the time taken to deliver translations, thus keeping costs low, while maintaining the highest possible standards.
  • We mainly use TRADOS for projects, carried out with our partners from abroad.
  • Translations are checked comprehensively and conscientiously (inspections of format, numbers, text comprehensiveness etc.)

Free, no obligation quotations

Our team will be delighted to prepare a no-obligation quote free of charge. Simply fill in the quotation request form and we'll get back to you in no time. By all means attach the text to be translated - we'll always respect your confidentiality.

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