GERMA Translation bureau organizes experienced, expert interpreters to meet your specific needs - from live telephone interpreting, escort interpreting and cultural guidance during visits, through short conversations, company presentations, seminars, workshops and international conferences, to interpreter placement/deployment abroad. We can also take care of providing interpreting equipment.

Interpreting services

- Consecutive interpreting - In consecutive, or liaison, interpreting the interpreter translates small sections of what is said a chunk at a time; so the speaker makes frequent pauses to make space for the interpreter. This methodology works well for seminars, workshops, dialogues, training courses and business meetings. For this interpreting technique one interpreter will usually suffice during brief meetings; in the case of longer conferences and seminars, where it is necessary to translate extended subject-specific material, it would be preferable to make use of two interpreters, who would take turns. It is also worth bearing in mind that using consecutive interpreters might lengthen the event substantially. This type of interpreting needs no special equipment. To make the most of your interpreter, the more advance information you can give him or her about the subject matter the better.
- Simultaneous interpreting - In simultaneous interpreting what is said is translated into the foreign language simultaneously, before the speaker stops speaking. This type of interpreting is appropriate for large international seminars or conferences, where there is interpreting equipment such as interpreting booths, wireless microphones and headphones. This sort of interpreting is extremely demanding work, so two interpreters work as a team, taking 15 to 20 minute turns. It is important that interpreters have an opportunity to prepare themselves for the conference content.
- Legal interpreting - It is compulsory to call in an interpreter, who is registered by the corresponding Regional Law Court and who has been certified as an authorized court interpreter. A legal interpreter is needed for all official acts in courts, for weddings and for acts performed by a notary etc. Live phone interpreting. This too is very demanding work, but we have experienced interpreters who are expert at overcoming not only the language barriers but also the added difficulties caused by not being able to work face-to-face.
- interpreting abroad

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