The GERMA agency was established in Ústí nad Labem back in 1990. Interpreting and translation services have been rendered since 1992. Over the period of its existence, GERMA has gained a string of distinguished customers and has formed a team of experienced and highly professional translators and interpreters.

In 2005, the agency underwent several major changes including a change of its legal form. Having become a limited liability company, GERMA went forward towards further development and provision of improved services to its clientele. As a result, we are now in the position to offer:

  •  A comprehensive range of translations in all European and some oriental languages, all in high quality, within shortest possible deadlines, with a full service including graphic processing.
  • All types of interpreting in European languages:

The core philosophy we are driven by is:

To do what we have a knack for, to do it well, and to continually improve the level of customer services.